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Upcoming Events
  1. July 19 4:00-6:00pm
    New Office Open House
    Come see our new space, grab some food, say hello!

Handy Links

If you need to schedule time off, fill out the linked form. Requests are sent to your house managers and administration for approval. Requests should be made with at least three weeks notice.
Though we  try to think of everything, that is just not possible. Often, some of the problems are out of view of those who could make things better.  We want to know those things that make working for us sub-awesome
This is the Admin Message Line to be used for any requested changes time sheet changes.   Examples: You were on-site but forgot to clock in or out.  You clocked in under the wrong client code.  You need supplies dropped off but it can wait. 
Questions about the schedule that are not in effect until after the next business day. 
A text or voice message may be made any time. 630-474-4383
Schedule Changes
Call (not text) your House Manager if you are not going to be able to make an upcoming shift (family emergency, illness, etc.)

If there is anything that you believe is putting client or staff at risk or harm, or if an incident has occurred, you have a responsibility to report it as soon as you observe it.  There is no risk to your employment for reporting unsafe practices or situations.  On the other hand, unreported safety concerns are grounds for disciplinary action, so please report in under 24 hours. 
This link will take you to your rights as an employee and workplace compliance as required by the Department of Labor.
The latest version of our employee handbook. While you may have a hard copy in your possession, updates are made as policies and positions change. Please refer to the online version for the most up-to-date information. And please ask if you have any questions or concerns.
HopeBridge Benefits
Coming Soon! In the meantime, a brief description of employee benefits and eligibility can be found in the Employee Handbook above.
This is how we do payroll. Login to view your payday stubs, update tax information, print W-2s, etc.
This is your time sheet and scheduling app. Download the app to your mobile device.
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