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The foundation for the relationships that are built with clients, their families, fellow team members and  administration is heart.  True caring is the motivating factor in this business.  When you have a heart to help others and provide needed care with compassion, it leads to  better health, trust and emotional wellbeing.
The knowledge and capabilities you have to perform your job well.  Continuing eduation, professional development and using your skills daily increases competency.
The more competent you feel in your skills, the more dependable you become for the people you serve.
 The moral values of unity, honesty, decency,
trustworthiness, and fairness that an individual displays in
work performance.  Families are putting their trust on us to care for their loved ones.  Without integrity, trust is lost. and we can not do our job effectively.
Working together knowing that honesty is key, leads to the best results
The willing flexibility to adjust to new conditions or learn new skills.  Where people are involved, changes in situations, behaviour and health are prevalant.   Our ability to change with those conditions  shows  our level or competency; our willingness to change displays compassion and understanding.  
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